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This SciFI universe has occupied my thoughts lately. I'll often expand the canon and play out scenarios in my head at night before I go to sleep, or when I have some extra time on my hands to just space out. It has quite a few ideas that I'd like to share with the world, I hope you enjoy reading it half as much as I do thinking about it.

The Universe Abroad Edit

My universe itself takes place in a very volatile social and political environment. The galaxy is split between large governing bodies, fanatical cults of superstition and esoteric beliefs, feuding corporations that span to the furthest reaches of the charted galaxy, and even malicious alien races with no hope of co-existence with the rest of the sentient life.

Humanity is not the only space faring race in my realm, far from it. There is indeed a plethora of species that span my world, each of which have their own distinct appearance, instinctual behaviors, and cultures. I have always disliked the idea of having a bulk of aliens in SciFi appear to be humanoid in nature, it's not plausible in reality and I believe it to be a personal challenge to create races that are truly alien to us.

The HistoryEdit

Long before the modern times, a great empire was forged throughout the galaxy by a tyrannical and highly advanced humanity. Being the first race in the local area to reach the galactic stage, they began enslaving the more backwards sentient races as slave labor, and indeed doing in kind to their own race due to humanity's relatively prolific nature. The rulers of this empire were a caste of aristocratic humans on their birth planet of Earth. It was made up of a council bound eternally to a great and extremely technologically advanced consciousness matrix, thus creating a hive-mind of the greatest thinkers the species had to bear. Indeed this truly awe inspiring leader of humanity was of a towering intellect that no single sentient being could ever match, this combined with their incredible technological feats made their empire as solid as their armies were mighty.

But not even an empire as powerful and strict as this can live indefinitely. For the enslaved races under humanity's iron grip, and even the lower classes and sympathizers of their own race were weary of this state of affairs. Due to humanity's all encompassing control on the invention and manufacture of virtually all technology that made galactic stage life possible, it would require a united front of opposition to stand any chance of success. First, only worlds furthest from the grip of their tyrannic rulers began giving resistance to the will of man, refusing to be used like tools for a governing body that cared only for itself. The greatest minds that could be found on these worlds began the intensive process of reverse engineering the devices their empire supplied them with, as the secret to manufacturing these seemingly arcane and wondrous items was known only to the great factory ships and worlds, which were jealously guarded by man.

The hivemind of Earth took very little heed in this resistance, as it was small and fragile at best. Perhaps they had not even noticed these events due to the greater scale of things currently in play. Slowly but steadily the technology created from the reverse engineering on these rebellious worlds allowed them to traverse the galaxy, spreading the word of resistance and contempt against their dictators. Soon, worlds closer to the capital worlds began to fall into rebellion, but at this time humanity was more than aware of these events taking place. The only action this could lead to was war.

As soon as a force could be mustered, a monstrous fleet was sent towards this collection of systems to quell the chaos. But to the surprise of the military leaders of humanity, the rebels were ready. Soon before the intervention of the human fleet, a score of great factory ships and even military fleets had been taken through espionage and force. Well armed and stalwart in their belief, they fell upon the invaders of their burgeoning federation. Horrified by this turn of events, and broken by the sudden lightning strike attacks made against their battle fleets from every direction, the leading officials of the force called a full retreat and consolidation of defenses in the systems surrounding the rebellious areas. Through use of their new custom technology and capture of their own enemy's war machines and manufacturing systems, the resistance now stood a chance, if only for the moment.

The human empire did their best to keep news of the insurrection a secret among the worlds under their control, but the resistance began to root itself in every planet they could possibly reach. Soon, not only was the war secluded to the battle fleets in space, but to the very streets of the massively overpopulated metropolitan Spire Worlds. Here the fighting was its fiercest and most desperate, mobs of rebellious civilians began storming armed forces depots and even the planetary defense forces of these worlds began to side with the resistance. Now not only did the rebellion seem like a cancer in the proud body of the governing state of man, but perhaps a true foe that humanity had not seen since their civil wars on Earth. The ramshackle and hurriedly created fleets of the rebellious forces were only just a real match for the empire ships, requiring the use of hit and run tacts along with other guerrilla tactics. This did not mean they had no advantage, for the empire's ground forces were few in number due to the lack of resistance prior to these events. Seeing this large disadvantage in their enemy's capabilities, the rebels did the bulk of their fighting planet-side, as opposed to confronting the truly impressive imperial fleets.

Unwilling to completely bombard the fallen planets in order to destroy the rebellious forces, it seemed like the insurrection could not be stopped by their great fleets. Soon after this became apparent, they began scouring their slave races for a species that could be used and perhaps engineered further as cannon fodder in ground attacks. They found in this quest a now completely extinct race, known only in the extremely rare records of this time as Luma-fra. A simple description found of these creatures describe them as being similar to humanity in form, but incredibly robust and covered with chitinous scales harder than ballistics ceramic, more than a match for a human soldier. This race of feeble minded, yet powerful creatures was not only sought after as cannon fodder for their immense strength and terrifying appearance, but their prodigious reproduction rate that surpassed even that of humanity. Within the same time-span the rebels had began to amass significant forces of their own for which to fight a drawn out war, including fleets that could stand against the tide of imperial ships. Thus began the total war for existence between the two forces known only as 'The Age of Fire'.

Very little if known of what transpired after this point, there is mention of a virus engineered by the scientists in the rebellion to exterminate the Luma-fra completely. Soon after, the rebellion found themselves in the very system that birthed their one time masters, Solar. Refusing to allow their old slaves and new enemy the vindication they felt was justified, the hivemind of Earth activated a failsafe that had been built into every device of technological significance built invented during their expansion into the wider galaxy. This caused a chain reaction of signals that each device perpetuated to the next, expending their fuel cells and completely annihilating the devices affected. Even the technology created by their once slaves did not survive this event, as it was always intermingled with one form or another of technology originating from humanity, thus being caught in the immense energy release of the critical fuel cells. With essentially all capability of inter-system travel destroyed, and even worse, entire populations destroyed by the swift vengeance of their once proud rulers' failsafe. The entire galaxy was thrown back thousands of years technologically , a large bulk of the planets even finding themselves at a stone age level, or even shattered by the force of their immense energy generators going critical, more resembling a field of massive asteroids still useful for resources, but not as habitable worlds.

Current EventsEdit

It is currently the year 1236T PC, and the galaxy is a very different place. No more does a single race, creed or government control the entire galaxy, but instead a great variety of stewardships exist, all vying for their place on the galactic scale. Ranging from totalitarian theocracy to secular bureaucracy, the shear number of factions is only outweighed by the plethora of exotic and esoteric social mechanisms and cultural traditions present among them. Considered to be perhaps the most powerful and yet impartial of all these factions is The Confederacy of Sovereign Planet-States, a governing body spanning the most territory and resources. A focal point for many conflicts and events of great significance, The Confederacy of Sovereign Planet-States (or The CSP for short) is a trade and anti-crime organization of many affluent planets, including the most populace and industrial of worlds. Though, if the story of The Age of Fire is any indication to how things work, it's that size and perceived power is dynamic and may change hands when least expected.

With as many cultures and races that exist in the galaxy, The CSP is not the only group with great power and influence. To the galactic southwest of The Confederacy there is the Ortamasi Viceroyalty, as superstitious and tradition bound empire ruled by a royal bloodline stretching back to the end of the cataclysm itself. The highest position within The Ortamasi Viceroyalty is that of the Viceroy, he is the patriarch of the extant royals and often considered to be one of the most powerful individuals in the entire galaxy. To the southeast, Uruha Omur together with their sister nation and ally The Council of Nabu hold large numbers of ore rich planets and asteroid fields, allowing them to manufacture some of the most powerful, and due to their technologically inclined and secular ways, advanced armies ever to be fielded since the cataclysm.