A friend of mine who has used this website before suggested that I harness it as an outlet for my creative arts, specifically my writing ideas.

I consider myself to be an escapist, so my taste in artistic medium tends to lean near the esoteric, complicated and surreal. My passion brings form form a lifetime spent neck deep in science fiction and fantasy universes, but my cognitive discharge of literary creation does not simply end there. Generally, my writing talents can cover a huge spectrum of genres and styles, but you're most likely to find crime and war based content when it comes to my greater scale works. I enjoy delving into the emotions and motivations behind such acts as war, murder and crime in a broad sense.

The content that you shall be viewing is a sole creation of my mind, unless otherwise stated. Though, I will not attempt to lie and say I have no inspiration for my works, indeed that is quite the contrary. My life has been spent in the worlds of others, I am simply coming to a point in my life in which I wish to do in kind with my peers.

Note that I have also decided to add some more personal subjects concerning modern life and what you may perceive as my 'alternative lifestyle.' Some of these subjects may be offensive in nature, or perhaps require user discretion.

Da BidnessEdit

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